Attack on Affirmative Action Small Business Development

October, being the month of Corporate Tax filings, and yearly ending of financials Lost and Profit statements. The legislative body of the Wall Street arena are under-mining the value of small business development by implementing the inflated cost of the Affirmative Action programs that are geared to bring back the Industrial Development in America.

This issue comes to the surface when your investment opportunities research the start-up volume of small business fall's 15% every year for the past 6 years.

Let it be said: The non-profit small businesses are out numbering the profit start-up's. The cause of not being able to identify with good investments in the small business arena, it's because of the Risk-Management clauses in many of the mutual funds made available to those small businesses and their personal assets.

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About the small non profit, small business that hardly to receive more funds to get the business going on at the same time to make profit it, and for the benefit of the employer to make enough money to pay the employee, and more of it.

Mr. Pierre; Thank you for opening this Discussion, regarding the steps I am taking to develop the "Non-Profit" branch of my Company. The Black Village Voice Newspaper is just 1 of a 3 part series of gaining the Media controls of Black Business development, and sustainability. The controls of our Small Business Joint Ventures basically rely on the Affirmative Actions programs made available to New Business in various communities and sustainability is a primary factor.

Marketing and Promotion of Black Businesses in the area of Factories and Product awareness must have the startup funds for research and development to deliver Continuous Improvement of those Product and Services the Small Black Business also must have, controlling the Media's that link the Clients and  consumers to the Products and Services are 35% of our Operation Cost.

Dealing with todays Systems, that are Designed to Fail, and under minded by the Affirmative Action Laws create havoc to know end. The Supreme Court Judicial has a decision to make in order for the Weak Systems stay in place.

Awareness to those Facts are well hidden and perhaps bound  for defeat, because of what "The Late Congressman Parren Mitchell  created in 1986.

Small Business development in the Industrial Movement through-out the Country, are being undermined with the Importing of Goods and Service of Well funded Large Companies that are in our backyard.

The Search of Black Business Investment Firms, search the markets of Higher returns because of the Risk not taken on Domestics that can produce the quality of many products, baring the Stamp of "Made In America"......        

Yeshua; God is All Things, and presents the opportunity to those that Help themselves, which requires Trust, the Small Business must go into Arena's of  high dollar interest rates, to make ends meet, and yet cannot go to Risk Taking Large Black Business  Investment Groups because of the Stigma's associated with A Small Business development  initiative.

Restoration and reconstruction of Community Black Business is a Must, and the Faith of our believing in One another is mandatory for the Children of this Millennium..

Wall-Steet-Insight, has a chance of at least Starting the Conversations needed to create the Images of Black Businesses and their Funding practices. 

Those with the intellect to teach others who have small businesses to handle investments is essential for them to survive in this society today.
We must take the information that we have to approach this situation calmly.
This situation could turn for the worse if we don't approach it with a plan to help small businesses invest in smart choices. One wrong move can totally ruin a small business.
Handling this situation is important to our economy because it influences the way our life flows with location,money, and growth.
I would like to now is this really bad? Industrial Development is destroying the environment with all the fumes going into atmosphere and we are even destroying the trees that help us to breath.
Investment opportunities are good but the fall of them are not good we need a way solving this.

time for the must working got to get started with work, time get the program going, get in right mind, get out feet done as it is to do so. money is needed. get to know people. new business face. give small business  more  money  to purchase merchandise  in term of business matter, etc.

Small business in deep need financial help to get every tools that need to get the business situated, to be doing advertisements, to market the business, that is a big risk, by starting small, get mor products into market, work with give best result with prayer and suplucation
This is a huge problem because we need small businesses because they can become huge corporate businesses that can help out the entire economy so this problem must be solved and very fast.


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