Attack on Affirmative Action Small Business Development

October, being the month of Corporate Tax filings, and yearly ending of financials Lost and Profit statements. The legislative body of the Wall Street arena are under-mining the value of small business development by implementing the inflated cost of the Affirmative Action programs that are geared to bring back the Industrial Development in America.

This issue comes to the surface when your investment opportunities research the start-up volume of small business fall's 15% every year for the past 6 years.

Let it be said: The non-profit small businesses are out numbering the profit start-up's. The cause of not being able to identify with good investments in the small business arena, it's because of the Risk-Management clauses in many of the mutual funds made available to those small businesses and their personal assets.

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No matter list or win, you will find out to regain what you lost, the fiscal year would yield on the benefit from the business market, how you market the business, that the company business dbetween the business developer for the cost
Why it not be able being able to identify with good envestment in the small business arena. Small business need to have their on fundsso they won interfere with the big business investment, if they want too; but for not pay the high interest, lack of funds,

Greetings Benadin; What matters in the Small Business arena, is the lack of wisdom and knowledge for many of our Enterprisers that have not paid their Dues, to the Community Development initiatives, set-up and designed to achieve the passions of their desire to become the meaningful Small Business in one's Neighborhood.

The people that work in the offices of small business, reach out to many with the instruments, under the radar for the Small Businesses and yet Ego-Tactical enterprises gage their Growth by ways and means of their Own successful moves.

Every State in the country has policies and procedures that must be followed, that are often Published in the guide lines and identifying the Needs of the Community's which the Small Businesses intend on Servicing.


All the actions that we have taken may have been futile the that has been given by everyone may have taken for nothing. Our lives go into directions depending if you let God into the situation that you are going through. We can control every situation or problem that we go into if we let God in.
Small business always stand by it self unless if there's other big business give referrals from business to big business to support by making advertisement, commercials, marketing, doing events, give high cost gift to impress the merchams, look on the quality of you company, what you what you have to offer as the business person, work over time, give your best while you are in the environment I'm the all business keep the financial guide line guideline so the business keep moving, by making benefits and yield it increase. When it start up on the volume of the small business did fall fifteen percent (15%) for the past six years because the market was slow, not to much advertisement going on, non profit or not the cause of being able be identify with good investments in the small business arena, is because the high volume percent was to high, tje mutual funds was a available certainly for those small business and for their personal assets, to much brought together in whole packages, you all small business must be encounter with the God of Israel, plant seed, Mm Matthew 23 you have to plant seed on the good found, solid ground, Amy ways praise God , praise Jesus Christ, still in power God
The such to their of the world is continuing all the way, until the creator transform His people whose his coming to get to leave this world, and live with him, have the external life better than hell. We have to do the best we can while still alive to organize our financial problems to taking care with the small business. Corporate tax filed can't do anything the lost with profit lost either,they will gain unless there were sow seed for advance for the work of God to be on the moved, and their profit be on the harvest. Mathew 13 Jesus Christ gave an example about that. It always going to be on the Risk-Management clause of the mutual funds for the small business with their personal! Lost and find. Give small businesses time the valuable much money, make profit on their business to pay the bills. Wall street is the best help to the churches, specially now we need a place, hope to get the help from Wall Street Insight etc
What is tEvery thing have an end in year, noatter what is; the tax year, fiscal year showed what need was doing in work calendar year, the legislative body of Wall Street arena are under mining the value of the Small business development by implementing the inflated cost of the affirmative action programs. Pray to God able to do exidenly abundantly above all. To get things work,Jesus Cbrust to send guidance God bless the
Even though this is happening there may be hope. Through Jesus Christ and the fact that there is a very close relationship between the number of jobs available and consumer demand for products and services. When consumer demand for products and services is strong, firms hire more employees so that they can increase their production to satisfy the strong demand. They may also allow more workers to work overtime. These conditions tend to result in larger incomes for individuals, and this allows them to spend more money for products and services, which can create additional jobs.
A way to help this problem is Money Management which describes the decisions that you make over a short-term period regarding your cash inflows and outflows. It is separate from decisions about investing funds for a long-term period. Such as a several years or borrowing funds for a long time. Instead, your focus is on maintaining short-term investments to achieve both liquidity and an adequate return on your investments. Liquidity refers to your ability to cover any short-term cash deficiencies.

I know that it seems far fetched because of the distrust that is exemplified within our business communities, but it may be more advantageous to start joint ventures and pool our resources together with one another.  Keep all of the particulars on paper even with the dividing of profits.  Show the Wall Street bullies that we can unite, work together and be transparent with one another and be a model for the next generation of entrepreneurs.  We have to stand together in solidarity before anyone else will take us serious.   

Well able to do exceedingly abundantly, receive the well favor of God in Jesus Christ Act 15, Small Business Development attack could be renew the strength of itself by the management of who manage the small business environment going. Keep pray do what is true, just matter of time before God renewed all, Jesus Christ always do miracles by ring lost to life be strength in through the creator, get back in balance with all the parts member that the body carried on. Dont let the life cut off front taking care what need to take care in the business financial ways, be the most highest perfection get the connection with the business mood, make the spiritual life first priority's


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