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The Educational Initiative for Financial Freedom also known as (EIFF) is a socially responsible educational initiative designed to stimulate a financial renaissance or awakening of the general public.  Wall Street Insight along with the Supra Vantage brings this initiative forward in response to the public out cry for assistance, understanding, and relief of their frustration.

 Join the group and help fight the cause today..

Wall Street Insight sees value in bringing much needed knowledge to members of the general public. The assumption is the wide spreading of financial awareness among members of the general public about the true opportunities that are available to any and all willing market participants will help repair the damage that has been done to the relationship between the Wall Street professional the common customer.


If you have been directed to this web page then it means someone has shared with you the powerful EIFF concept that has been recently unveiled by Wall Street Insight and the Supra Vantage. The EIFF initiative is quite unique, it is free to join and easy to participate. However the benefits of being an active member can be enormous. 


For those that wish to participate in the EIFF programs please fill out the appropriate forms on this web page. This will be the first step towards financial freedom for you and your organization. One of our administrators will contact with respect to the next steps.


The requirements to participate in the EIFF program are the following:

1) If you are a Pastor first fill out the congregational questionnaire. If you are an organizational officer first fill out the Organizational Questionnaire.

2) Everyone must fill out the financial Literacy Questionnaire.

3) Members must be at least 17 years of age

3) Must be prepared to become an active member of Wall Street Insight

5) Must be prepared to open an email account if you do not have one already.

6) Must be prepared to open a Face Book account if you do not have one already.

7) Must be prepared to open a Twitter account if you do not have one already.

8) Must be prepared to become a member of Linked In if you are not already a member.


The activities of participants in the EIFF program will be centered on communicating with designated members of the financial industry about various topics discussed on Wall Street Insight and by the Supra Vantage as Designated Curve Setter. Participants will be communicating primarily through various social network channels. Participants will be given communication assignments from their EIFF administrator that will include, where to direct messages and or questions, when to initiate communications, what type of communication or question to be sent, why the communication is being sent, and finally what lesson is to be learned from the content of the communication itself.  Participants are encouraged to get as many others that are concerned for their financial future to join the EIFF program as well.


For those that wish to participate in the EIFF programs please first make sure you meet the first three requirements outlined above.


Next visit, click the sign up link in the top right hand corner of the page. Complete the registration process. This will include answering some questions on how you feel about certain financial issues. EIFF participants are asked to thoughtfully answer the questions in such a way to let other members of the financial community know how they truly feel. 


Finally get back to the person that introduced you to the EIFF program and let them know you have completed all required initial steps and you are ready to begin.


Thank You



Clink the link below

Financial Literacy Questionnaire

 EIFF Congregational Questionnaire

EIFF Organizational Questionnaire

Join the group and help fight the cause today..


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This sounds interesting. Where can I get more information on this program.  

You  need to fill out the Literacy Questions above and get in touch with Cedric Burl for instructions.

This is a very powerful initiative.  I recommend that any one looking to expand their economic borders join this program.

This is Sgt. Major. We at EIFF are now taking a look at some issues in the financial world that  need to be straighten out. I say those Wall Street big shots need to get ready for inspection. We are here to set things right. We are here to do things the right way.  We will make sure any one we can influence will do the right thing as well. I say  it is a new day to the gentlemen of the finance game.  I am going to love overseeing you bunch of misfits.  I  Sgt Major Merke am now a member of EIFF and that means it is on and popin. So get ready, get ready, to rumble.  I have actually commanded men during intense battles for our beloved country (the good ole stars and strips). So I am very qualified to say what I am about to say.

We at EIFF have been doing our home work on some of these finance guys, and we have found some of the most illiterate, worthless, cowardly, and yellow financial soldiers that any mother could possibly bring into this already troubled world.  If I could some day have the pleasure of meeting any of those lovely ladies that gave birth to one of those canker sours,  I would let her know just how much of a menacing, disappointment, and parasitic low life their wayward child has been to our society. The college plans that could have been, the retirement parties that never came, all because of your child's inability to perform. Hope you are proud.   "Nice job Ma."

That is what I would say.

Yours Truly

Sgt. Major

Wow Sgt. Major. That is pretty strong.  So I guess we should send them off to hard labor camps when they drop the ball too many times or loose too much money.  What do you think?

Do not worry. I know the developer is cooking up something special for those lazy bums. I am going to love it. Sit back you guys and get ready for the show.

Let me tell you whatever the developer tells you to do, do it. Especially if you are a money manager. The accuracy of the system is unrivaled.  He is clearly among the strongest of the strong. 

That is a great idea. I will push for that. We need to talk to the legal team about that of course, but  if it can be done it will be done.

Just like boot camp. I love the idea.

Boy you guys are really fired up. Why such a harsh tone?

Let me answer that for you. The EIFF homework has revealed some money managers that are being paid grand theft doe but performing miserably, I  mean they are at the very back of the line in their peer group.  (real losers) The Sgt. Major is talking about those money managers.

It is a little funky to know guys like Mayweather have to go bleed for their money in a boxing ring while some other dudes on Wall Street sit at a desk and get paid big to be last in line.

So do not mind the Sgt. He is just keeping it real. But the thing about their mothers I think may be a little over the top.

By the way.  I love the labor camp idea. Let's put it to a vote.

All in favor say  "I"

Gentlemen, We must show mercy to our brother when he is down if we want mercy to be shown to us when we are down.

Pastor George

What about Madoff and the rest of those guys. Did they show mercy to their customers. Come on Man!!!!!

I am sorry Pastor. These days mercy is in short supply. 


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