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The Educational Initiative for Financial Freedom also known as (EIFF) is a socially responsible educational initiative designed to stimulate a financial renaissance or awakening of the general public.  Wall Street Insight along with the Supra Vantage brings this initiative forward in response to the public out cry for assistance, understanding, and relief of their frustration.

 Join the group and help fight the cause today..

Wall Street Insight sees value in bringing much needed knowledge to members of the general public. The assumption is the wide spreading of financial awareness among members of the general public about the true opportunities that are available to any and all willing market participants will help repair the damage that has been done to the relationship between the Wall Street professional the common customer.


If you have been directed to this web page then it means someone has shared with you the powerful EIFF concept that has been recently unveiled by Wall Street Insight and the Supra Vantage. The EIFF initiative is quite unique, it is free to join and easy to participate. However the benefits of being an active member can be enormous. 


For those that wish to participate in the EIFF programs please fill out the appropriate forms on this web page. This will be the first step towards financial freedom for you and your organization. One of our administrators will contact with respect to the next steps.


The requirements to participate in the EIFF program are the following:

1) If you are a Pastor first fill out the congregational questionnaire. If you are an organizational officer first fill out the Organizational Questionnaire.

2) Everyone must fill out the financial Literacy Questionnaire.

3) Members must be at least 17 years of age

3) Must be prepared to become an active member of Wall Street Insight

5) Must be prepared to open an email account if you do not have one already.

6) Must be prepared to open a Face Book account if you do not have one already.

7) Must be prepared to open a Twitter account if you do not have one already.

8) Must be prepared to become a member of Linked In if you are not already a member.


The activities of participants in the EIFF program will be centered on communicating with designated members of the financial industry about various topics discussed on Wall Street Insight and by the Supra Vantage as Designated Curve Setter. Participants will be communicating primarily through various social network channels. Participants will be given communication assignments from their EIFF administrator that will include, where to direct messages and or questions, when to initiate communications, what type of communication or question to be sent, why the communication is being sent, and finally what lesson is to be learned from the content of the communication itself.  Participants are encouraged to get as many others that are concerned for their financial future to join the EIFF program as well.


For those that wish to participate in the EIFF programs please first make sure you meet the first three requirements outlined above.


Next visit, click the sign up link in the top right hand corner of the page. Complete the registration process. This will include answering some questions on how you feel about certain financial issues. EIFF participants are asked to thoughtfully answer the questions in such a way to let other members of the financial community know how they truly feel. 


Finally get back to the person that introduced you to the EIFF program and let them know you have completed all required initial steps and you are ready to begin.


Thank You



Clink the link below

Financial Literacy Questionnaire

 EIFF Congregational Questionnaire

EIFF Organizational Questionnaire

Join the group and help fight the cause today..


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I understand that we all need education and knowledge to survive in this world but we also need God to give us the wisdom to lives the way we want to for example buying a house having kids and living the good life.
The education initiative for financial freedom, my opinions first the head of the must educate his or herself work for a hifher pay job for the children could be in a good standing to profit and gain what have been mising in the environment of education, also have the ability of successful, as a Pastor lot work to do in my house and in the church for Christ sake, together in unity, I think God for His wisdom he gives me and my home church and Minister of LAC Inc.
The financial freedom, we all must be free at last, I am already have the email, every and would be able to follow each steps Wall Street say, tell to do so, done and deed. Think God I did all that. Mall Wall Street mm embers konw DA us here now yo celebrate with WS Insight, I live in Miami, Fl I have seven plus those that I adopted, mmy help is in the name of Jesus Christ, than for wall street of that freedom with our financial help is given us as the member Wall Street Insight, and Warrick Norman that first given us these helping hand, heart and soul, Jesus Christ his heart.
Jesus Christ is the first fruit in every thing Wall Street and supra Vantage together, we praise Jesus Christ God almighty for them, since Wall Street Insight that giveng us the help We, pastors need with our church members, we congratulate thein mighty work they're doing for the community. Stay blessed
The EIFFconducted socially to a specially responsible to a educational initiative designed for the pastor that have his children not going to college when they ready to inutuate themselves to the society at that point for our Children have a better education, wall Street insight on the best highly favor of God men, talking is not doing much more to bring all of us in unity, education first count, Supra Vantage with wall Street play the best part to help the family so the children could have a good standard, as a pastor I do my part in spiritual areas, physically, thank God for WSI.
Personally I agree with this because we need education to understand the financial world and all its dealings.With all the things in the financial world that could harm our lives we need a few tricks up our selves to get what could be a potential problem out of our way.
Today's society is focused on entertainment as long as we aren't bored we are satisfied with our lives. We have to search for something more than entertainment. We need education to conquer this world through God and education initiative. We could anything with a fine and well tuned education depending on what you want to do of course. Remember laughing is actually medicine it reliefs stress and anxiety always wake up with a smile.


WSI is a Financial Educational Network that believes in helping financial professionals and consumers have a better financial future.

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