I have been getting the alerts from the Supra Vantage for the last couple of years now. They seem to stay hot. There does not seem to be any end in sight to the hot signals. They really have supreme staying power. I am now tallying up their 2014 results.

By my count they posted 40 wins and 4 losses. Talk about champion ship numbers. In fairness they had 12 positions that were still undecided at the end of 2014 . But the way I see it, even if 6 of the 12 undecided positions ultimately turn out to be losses, they would still be at 82% accuracy. I do not know of any of the so called Wall Street big dogs that can put up those type numbers. You got to remember  going back to to 2012 these guys were on on a 17-0 run. It is incredible. They ultimately  had  18 winning alerts in a consecutive string during 2012 before they took a loss on CSTR.  They finally had 45 wins and 5 losses in 2012.  In 2013 they had 33 wins and 2 losses. They claim they have been putting numbers like this as far back as 2009. Back then the regulators came a calling. I did not see that gun fight, but from what I hear they actually put up 15 wins and 1 loss in front of the regulators. These guys are the real cowboys of the stock market.

You can get alerts at www.VantageTradingcompany.com 

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Good Hunting Everyone!!! 

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It's good that you guys at Wall Street and Supra Vantage are providing a way to make our society better for yourselves and others because we really need it.
Supra vantage stock alerts hot streak always to stay hot with the product that introduce to the people that encounter with Wall Street Insight, no matter much percentage that been decreased still when the due seasons cometh what have been list come back, and it is all about the seed of grow.
To aware of what saying about Supra Vantage, 've been hot for The last couple of years " now. So could it be reform from the past years to this year, the year 2017, be specific of the year, the year of the harvest Time, these, getting hotter than ​ever before; can't have no end, what God blessed through Jesus Christ, no one can't curse, prayer eval much when the holy Spirit take over the markets in Jesus Christ name, promotion not come from North, South, East, West, it comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, be still know that He is God, the creator, He knows all. the owner of the SV must be faithful in God, the explanation says it all, for the #' to moved fast like that on the business markets, it must be founded on the solid ground, hope those continue to be the top guy, may Supra Advantage stock alerts Hots Streak stay bless in the Markets.


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