See these attachments and videos. 

We have issues to address. We must bring some order.

This is the new mutual fund law that we the members of Wall Street Insight will live by, protect, and enforce from this day forward. It is time we begin to solve some of these problems.  Please join us to discuss any and all aspects of the Mutual Fund Constitution.

We welcome input from all members of the financial community as well as the general public alike.

Our research leads us to conclude these un-disclosed fees are not only happening in 401(K) accounts, but is also happening in 403(B), IRA, ROTH IRA, 529 college plans, 457 deferred comp, and many other plans that contain mutual funds.

This is a problem for the small and large investor alike. We must address this problem.

Thank  You and God Bless.

Pastor George

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This is pretty watered down. The way I read it, A money manager can actually be above the 50th percentile an still not be pushed into the clinic. That means as much as 1/2 of the peer group can be ahead of a particular fund and they can escape treatments. 

In my opinion that is really gracious. 

You financial people better be happy I did not draw the boundary line.  I personally would have you all put under a lot more pressure. A lot lot more.

This Mutual Fund Constitution is a piece of cake. If you are a professional money manager and you can't make the easy marks laid out in the constitution it is a real problem.  The Wall Street Insight members are giving you all a break.  This could and should be a lot harder. Thank your guardian angel for the mercy that is now being shown by making it real easy to stay out of the clinic.


We must be just and fair brother CK. Have patience the law of competition will correct much of the problems. You will see.

I say, no more talk. We can begin to enforce the Constitution. Let us do to them what their lobbyist did to the congress members. (who just so happen to be our elected representatives).

It is now open season on financial people who are in violation of the Constitution. Let's put them under some pressure. Let us find them in their hiding places, let's call them out. Let's hunt them down and make them answer for their actions.

Let us do what ever it takes to get law established in the practically lawless land.

You would be surprised at the so called big shots that are struggling to make the 60th percentiles. There are some guys at AIM, Pioneer, DWS, Sterling Capital, John Hancock just to name a few. It is absolutely ridiculous.  

The social networks now have power, so now social networks can make and enforce law. We can make rules, lay out punishments, have our own trials right in the open forums. Why not. We must establish law and order to this chaos.

This constitution is a good thing to put in place. I like it. Although I do agree it is a little weak. But it is a good starting point. Let us see this scenario play out.

A. Evans

I watched the interview with Congressman Miller. We have a real problem.

Congressman Miller claims they can't bring a bill for mutual fund fee transparency to the floor because they are being over run by Wall Street lobbyist.  As far as I am concerned  lobbyist are no more than common thugs. To think the so called Wall Street professionals have now gotten to the point where they feel like they can actually take money from their customers by force.

These are the people we are depending on to run our college and retirement plans. They are  now openly using force and deception  to continue to suppress the same customers that enabled them to get to where they are. It is the customer that gives the money to mutual funds. It was the customer that made them successful. Now they feel like they can forcefully steal from  the customer and it will not go unanswered.  

We have done our home work over here at Wall Street Insight. The  mutual funds are stealing from teachers, college professors, janitors, police officers, medical workers, municipal employees, state government workers, non-profit corporations, airplane pilots, wealthy individuals and the list goes on and on. This Mutual Fund Constitution will make things a little more equitable.  However I also feel it is a weak approach. But the leaders of Wall Street Insight claim this is the best way.

So I will follow their lead.

Let it be known to ALL financial professionals

As a church leader and responsible parent looking to make the best future possible for my children  and congregation, I am declaring on this day we will defend, up hold, enforce, and live by the Wall Street Insight Mutual Fund Constitution.  

Rev. R. Dorlean 

I am a classroom teacher in a public school. It is a very difficult job to say the least. I am under all kinds of pressure to perform. I am a little taken a back at the thought of some of these finance people being paid to basically fail.

Now the congressman, these investigative reports, and research conducted by Wall street Insight  is all saying mutual funds are taking money out of retirement accounts that we the workers do not know anything about.  When you listen to the hidden fees series it really puts a very bad taste in your mouth.

It occurred to me, it is not just the little guy they are jerking around. If you have a large balance with one of these funds then they are really doing some damage your bottom line. I can't believe this. They are doing a number on all of us, the big  and small investor.

Where does it end. This is upsetting. That is all I will say for now. I do not want to go on a  rant. But  right now I really feel like it.

M. Brwn

My heart goes out for the young people trying to get ahead. Things have gone down. There was a time we all lived by the motto a hard day's work for an honest day's pay.

This mutual fund Constitution is good way to start to turn the tide for the little guy who is hurting and the big guy who is struggling.  Everyone can cooperate and  everyone can benefit. Great Idea.

My compliments to the brain pool at Wall Street Insight. 

Mr. Norman

Well said. We must look to work together no matter how difficult at times it may be.


I really agree there must be some law and order. We are the customers. So that means we call the shots. We run this house not the financial professionals that are to be serving us. They act like they are running things. Let us make it clear.

Financial professionals are here to serve us, members of the investing public. NOT THEMSELVES.  

Hear us failing mutual fund managers. We will enforce this Mutual Fund Constitution and you all will comply. If there is one among you that feels they are big, bad, and tough enough to go against this program,  join Wall Street Insight, tell us how you feel. This is an open forum where you can be heard. If you do not come to us we will be coming to you. We are very serious. Do not take us for a joke. You will be very sorry.

Pastor Joseph


Now things are getting interesting. We have a law to enforce. I will be more than happy to head up the enforcement division.  

I like that sort of thing. Reminds of the days when I was running the platoon.

However I also feel this is an easy law. But it is our law,  and it will be followed by these financial people if they know what is good for them.  

I refuse to stand by while they take money from hard working people with out proper disclosure. This constitution will increase competition to the point where mutual funds will  be forced to reduce fees on their own. Great idea.

You cannot run forever from doing the right thing.



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