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We have issues to address. We must bring some order.

This is the new mutual fund law that we the members of Wall Street Insight will live by, protect, and enforce from this day forward. It is time we begin to solve some of these problems.  Please join us to discuss any and all aspects of the Mutual Fund Constitution.

We welcome input from all members of the financial community as well as the general public alike.

Our research leads us to conclude these un-disclosed fees are not only happening in 401(K) accounts, but is also happening in 403(B), IRA, ROTH IRA, 529 college plans, 457 deferred comp, and many other plans that contain mutual funds.

This is a problem for the small and large investor alike. We must address this problem.

Thank  You and God Bless.

Pastor George

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The Wall street insight fund of the constitutions.doc, 58 must change the way of doing of how long in waiting before Even get into the right step for the workimg mebers inituatively to start with their tittle position then give the yearly salary, it could be affect the qualities with the quantity of the people that need help with all all the environmental getting the right workmanship, the wisdom of the Living God. I am Yolly J Anozatd,atong on accounting, soon to graduate with a BA degree. The point is, how seriously how WSi going to help me, with the job marketing.
This is a great way to help others succeed and get money to live their life.
Including everyone living by a law that ensures order.
You have to stand up with his God for what we believe in because he gives us strength we can't solve this problem without him because with God anything is possible and without him nothing can be done.
In Mini cases stand by what you believe in is very important enforcing it, protecting it with the cold hard facts, and living by it showing others that you are dedicated to what you are believing the next stand down for anybody and when you're wrong you will stand down and accept it and get some advice from the people that know more than you in specific areas. Just accept it without any discontent and this is a way you will be truly successful and accomplish all you have set out to do.
As a person I believe that we should stand up for what we believe in Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior as a guide to help us with our problems that we will eventually face.
We must be fair even though we have to stand up by what we believe in we have to also know when to stand down for the greater good if there is a problem that must be solved we cannot fight we should all be working together is this is what God wants, for us to live in unity and not in war.
There's no count down on that matters, the member waiting for Wall Street to answer their calling to do what they promise to do for the members, right now lot problems happening with the small and large investors to be alike, wrong; large investors always on top of the small investors, why? This is money talk, who ever bring and spend more money on the market they get better service, think
Faith can bring us together. Without faith there is no unity in the Wall Street Community. As long as we have the same goal.2016 Is the year of greater works. So let us claim it today and start living a better life.
Look no matter who get engaged in this environment all business matter, whose in college to fulfilling their education but they do not have much help with the financial possibility to assist while they while they studying, money wise,for your information, where else all that could happen, only in those areas, I gratuated with a NA degrees but for me to continue with my education, for Master degree, that costoney, I don't Have there is no money to pay for master degree, so Iostly could speak on the College ground. Good to addre the same fugure for continue the mutual business good. The small and large investor alike with the same problems, small business most know by invest less money, so making profit not as big investor use the since of why big spender, and small spender if both going to make same value of money, no way, doing the best to move up. Jesus Christ is the author, the head of all things,
In a community should help each other in times of need so if there is a problem that affects everyone in some way the people of the community should help that's just what I think a community should be like.
The small and large business investor alike, it is well in every where, small business that invested investors have to know their right in other for them to stay up on high. Could be the real way support for business in America, critic will step in, talking without talking, but the business actions are matter standard with good attitude behavior with the customers, the truth matter is the investors Customer who could talk for them, since the true church of Jesus Christ; life, rivive the business in Jesus Christ Mame, start praise Him, pro claiming the name oh Jesus Christ, God Nless you all.


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