See these attachments and videos. 

We have issues to address. We must bring some order.

This is the new mutual fund law that we the members of Wall Street Insight will live by, protect, and enforce from this day forward. It is time we begin to solve some of these problems.  Please join us to discuss any and all aspects of the Mutual Fund Constitution.

We welcome input from all members of the financial community as well as the general public alike.

Our research leads us to conclude these un-disclosed fees are not only happening in 401(K) accounts, but is also happening in 403(B), IRA, ROTH IRA, 529 college plans, 457 deferred comp, and many other plans that contain mutual funds.

This is a problem for the small and large investor alike. We must address this problem.

Thank  You and God Bless.

Pastor George

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Do not worry SGT. Its Going Down for Real. We are going to deal with all those punk a-- money managers.

I will see you in the vanguard SGT. We will lead the charge.

Yours Truly 

Big Rick

People are really on the edge. This movie is look deep into the mind of some members of the public. We need to get serious and get together with some of these financial people to cool things off one way or the other. I am afraid things are about to get out of hand.

When movies like this start to get made, we have a storm brewing. Level heads need to prevail


We have level heads over here.

The mutual fund guys that think they can keep the lobbyist in gorilla mode forever in Washington so they can keep stealing from the whole world is crazy. This turning into a powder charge.  We must all compromise in order to avoid the same scenario played out in the movie Assault on Wall Street. Lets rise above and keep it real.

Wow, This is all very heavy. I will one day be going in to the the work force after my graduation. I am not willing to go to work and then have my money taken away just because. This is disturbing to me.  

I really do not know what to say about how this constitution will some how correct things. It seems complicated. However just because I do not understand that does not mean this program will not have some impact. I my self simply have more home work to do on this topic.

But I will say this. Money is way to hard to come by to give it away unknowingly. If there is any truth to what Congressman Miller is saying, we do need to figure out some sort of solution that will be a good compromise for everyone.

I see this can be done but it will take a delicate yet assertive approach. 


A lot of money was taken from my family by some rogue financial people. It hurts more than you all could ever know. I am so glad somebody is now trying to do something to make things a little better for the ones who are hurting and subject to being victims.

Getting my money back seems like a real long shot at this point. I see that now. The education that is offered on this web site is priceless. I encourage everyone to learn as much as you can about finances and the topics on Wall Street Insight. Listen to the vantage developer. He was the only one really warning me about the problems in the bad deal I made. If I would have listen to him I would have avoided trouble.

Now he is supporting the Mutual Fund Constitution. What ever the Vantage Developer supports we all need to support it as well. 

Take it from someone who really knows.

I have also been a witness to  the capabilities of the Supra Vantage. I can not think of a better out fit to run a clinic for money managers having trouble.  For all those who do not know, the Supra Vantage is for real. They really to put some incredible numbers. 

The Vantage Developer could easily be the hottest shot on Wall Street, but instead of seeking glory and fame he is looking to help the sick and needy money managers.

These are the same managers  that are running the accounts for retirees and working people. He realizes if he helps these managers he is helping the hard working everyday folks that have accounts with those same managers. We need more financial people with a heart for the people.  Let us support this Mutual Fund Constitution. 

Thank God for people like the Chief Moderator and Pastor George to put something like this together.

d. harris

Help for the everyday man is needed very much. We as community leaders need to be active in putting forth earnest efforts towards making a difference in today's times.

My prayers are with the sick and needy money managers on Wall Street. Our chief moderator means business. This no time for games. There is real power in the social networks of today. I am afraid for the wayward souls who think they can escape the reach of the social networks.  

Can any one tell me what is the next step.

It looks like everything is set up and ready to go.

Pastor Charles, You are right. Everything is set up an ready to go forward with our initiative.

We now must give our finance brothers an opportunity to speak on what their feelings are about the provisions contained in the constitution. We have opened up a forum exclusively  for financial professional to give feedback. There will be other opportunities for them to be heard as well.

After we give them some time to be heard, we will listen to their feedback. Then we all come to a consensus to any potential modifications to the constitution , we will at that time begin to fully enforce the provisions.

It would the proper thing to do. We must allow them to be heard just like we hear anyone else at Wall Street Insight.

Pastor George

We will not be waiting a very long time. I know letting the fiance folks have a chance to speak is the right thing to do, and we will give them a chance. But they better not waist to much time speaking up. 

After all, if your dad dies and there is insurance money to invest you would not be able to get rid of some of those broker guys. Or better yet if your son just signed a professional sports contract, they would be lurking around your house like vultures.

So if we have trouble getting them to talk to us now on obviously important issues about products they try to sell to us every day,  it will just make the time of reckoning and judgement all the more difficult to endure when it ultimately comes upon them.

Let us make it clear the day of social networks running the yard is upon us. It would be wise to to take Wall Street Insight very serious. If you do not take it serious, you are playing with fire. You know what they say, when you play with fire you get burned.  

It is funny because any one that really looks at the Mutual Fund Constitution would readily see that this initiative can greatly reward the funds that comply with its provisions.

All these finance guys really want is money any way. Now we have found away for us all to work together and still prosper.  Brokers and advisers pay attention we at Wall Street Insight are trying to help you while we help ourselves. Get yourselves together, let us all rise above and do what is right.

SGT. Major.

I do not think they need a chance to speak. The constitution is fair. There is nothing wrong with it. We have already spoke to brokers, whole sellers, advisers, and account holders. We are all in agreement the Constitution is good. So let us start to enforce it. Now. 


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