See these attachments and videos. 

We have issues to address. We must bring some order.

This is the new mutual fund law that we the members of Wall Street Insight will live by, protect, and enforce from this day forward. It is time we begin to solve some of these problems.  Please join us to discuss any and all aspects of the Mutual Fund Constitution.

We welcome input from all members of the financial community as well as the general public alike.

Our research leads us to conclude these un-disclosed fees are not only happening in 401(K) accounts, but is also happening in 403(B), IRA, ROTH IRA, 529 college plans, 457 deferred comp, and many other plans that contain mutual funds.

This is a problem for the small and large investor alike. We must address this problem.

Thank  You and God Bless.

Pastor George

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I have read the Constitution and because of my lack there off it is pretty much foreign to me, I do understand the logical aim in its acceptance, just does not make sense to the Laymen who for the lack of a better word is concerned with three key components. Shelter, Food and Employment and though we may not have the answers for them all at least our objective should be to stabilize our communities even at the hand of taking personal risk. That is my take on all of this, I am open for any comments if any....

I say we torch these guys.  Who is down to get down.

Listen to the segment. they say we need to band together. That is exactly what we are doing over here at Wall Street Insight.

It comes a time when we all must do the right thing sooner or later. Wall Street big shots included.

It is time to begin to enforce our laws. Social network power is real. For those that  have to find out the hard way it can be detrimental.

Welcoming both the financial community and the general public can come out to a very positive outcome because the financial community can inform the general public on how to handle their money appropriately.
We must address these problems so that we will not be affected and influenced by these dilemmas that are trying to turn our lives upsidedown. Investors big and small can play a big part in our lives by affecting the way we live so if they have a problem we may have a problem also.
We must be patient and wait for the right time to implement the solution to this potential problem.
This is a great way to get the general public to trust the financial advisors which very important. We should be able to trust each other so that we can help one another.
I agree that we must address this problem but we can't do it fast you guys have been doing a great job but you must think about how to approach the remaining problems and if you guys already are then you are doing an amazing job.
Thank you for doing something and trying to solve today's problems.
Money as usual, the amount of money one has can control their life as they are trying to live in this society. Making mistakes that includes money can even ruin someone's life.
This is good including both members and the general public as they say two minds a better than one.


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