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WSI News Outlets

WSI News Outlets

WSI offers a broad range of distribution options that we can customize to fit your strategy. Whether you want to reach a local, state, regional, or international we have you covered.

Our network includes more than 29,000 international distribution points, more than 9,000 U.S. news outlets.

Traditional, Online, and Social Media Channels

Wherever your audience consumes their news and content, we'll reach them through online, traditional or social media channels. Whenever your audience is, WSI is there, too.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

This is where we have the most influence. We can precisely target your audience by geography, subjects of interest, job role, designated market area and more. Whether you want to reach niche media, a broad group of producers, bloggers, reporters, or influencers, our capabilities ensure you reach the right person.You can even send your news directly to individual journalists in a specific industry.

WSI is a Financial Educational Network that believes in helping financial professionals and consumers have a better financial future.

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The Wall Street Journal

Trump Shifts Course to Keep 200 Troops in Syria

The U.S. will maintain a small peacekeeping force of about 200 troops in Syria despite President Trump’s earlier decision to remove all American troops, the White House said.

Trump Administration Cuts Off Talks With California Over Fuel-Efficiency Standards

The Trump administration said it would cut California out of its effort to craft new efficiency rules for cars and trucks, the latest in a series of confrontations between Washington and Sacramento that now threatens to destabilize one of the country’s biggest industries.




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