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First Prize $1,000.00 / Second Prize $500.00 / Third Prize $250.00

Wall Street Insight is a free to join financial educational social network aimed at repairing the relationship between the Wall Street financial professionals and members of the general investing public. 

Wall Street Insight was formed in response to the public out cry for assistance, understanding, and relief of their economic frustrations.

Wall Street Insight sees much value in promoting financial literacy among members of the general public.

The assumption is the wide spreading of financial awareness among members of the general public about the true opportunities that are available to any and all willing market participants will help repair the damage that has been done to the relationship between the Wall Street professional and the common customer.

For more detailed information on Wall Street Insight and its mission please visit


In an effort to further our organization’s mission and to aid various organizations in their fund raising efforts Wall Street Insight is sponsoring a membership drive contest. 

Wall Street Insight will be offering first, second, and third place cash prizes to the organization that can enroll the most new members in a set time period to the Wall Street Insight financial social network.

Enrolling in the social network is a very simple process. It takes about five minutes and it can be done online via personal computer or from most inter net capable smart phones.


Contest Rules:

1) Each organization will be allowed 15 calendar days to enroll as many new members as possible in the Wall Street Insight social network.

2) No robot or spam memberships will be allowed.

3) If any organization’s member is caught using robotic mechanisms to create the illusion of more new members joining the social network that organization will be disqualified from the contest and deemed ineligible to receive any prize money.

4) All new members of the social network must thoughtfully answer all survey questions.


Organizational Enrollment Procedures:

1) Perspective organization determines a date that they wish to begin the 15-day enrollment period.

Organization’s representative sends an email to Wall Street Insight company management at

The email should include

A) Name and address of organization participating in the contest

B) Name and contact information of organization representative

C) Date in which the participating organization wishes to start the enrollment period

D) Indicate in the email that your organization wishes to participate in the Membership Drive Contest

E) Wall Street Insight will send a return email confirming your organization’s participation.


New Members Enrollment Procedures:

1) All new members must have an active email address

2) All new members must go to and click the “Sign Up” tab in the upper right hand corner of the page.

3) Establish a password and username.

4) Log in to your email account. There should be an email from Wall Street Insight either in your in box or perhaps your spam box.

5) Open the email from Wall Street Insight, click the confirmation link and thoughtfully answer all the survey questions.


IMPORTANT NOTE: When new members answer the last survey question they MUST indicate the name of the organization they are a part of. 


6) After all questions are answered click the “Join Now” at the bottom of the page.

This will complete the enrollment process.


NOTE: New members are free to explore the web site, make comments, and get involved in any way they like.  


We at Wall Street Insight wish all the best to those trying to find their way in the tumultuous world of finance. 

WSI is a Financial Educational Network that believes in helping financial professionals and consumers have a better financial future.

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