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EXPANSION! The Philadelphia Chapter of Wall Street Insight is EXPANDING!

The Philadelphia Chapter of Wall Street Insight, Inc. is EXPANDING!

Recently, the Chief Field Examiner of Wall Street Insight, Inc., Rodney Burrell, has been receiving requests for help from consumers in the New Jersey and Delaware Markets regarding their concerns about how business is usual on Wall Street, toxic mutual funds and illegal home foreclosures in their geographical jurisdictions.

Obviously, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Market is not the only one in the "TRI-STATE…


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Booming Big Data Industry : Data Extraction Services

Big data seems suddenly become the hottest discussion in this information age. Increasing number of business think that success is more like a data job, which also generate a new kind of service in booming big data industry: data extraction services.

What is data extraction? It seems like a abstract and mystery term but actually it isn’t like that. According to Wikipedia, Data extraction is the act or process of retrieving data out of (usually unstructured or poorly structured) data…


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2oozud6wo7n91 Indicators for economic calendars

Economic calendars are used by forex traders to keep track of, and predict events that have the power to impact the rise or fall of stocks and shares in the market. Some of the things that are most commonly tracked in an economic calendar are monetary policy announcements by the Government of a country, or the Gross Domestic Product calculation. There are plenty others, a few of which are listed below:


Consumer Confidence reports:…


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Detroit Investment News


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How to Improve you Credit Score before Paying Massive Fees to Credit Repair Companies

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Pay After Deletion Credit Repair, Are You a Good…


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Community Developments Value

  Developing surrounding communities, with the investment ideals of corporate America.

[Reference-Guide] WSInsight:

The sudden dramatic crash or decline of property…


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The Beef We Have With BB&T

We at Wall street Insight have decided that we must make an example of BB&T.  BB&T is the mother company of Sterling Capital Funds.  The management of Sterling Capital funds responded in a very  unprofessional manner when confronted about some of their non performing funds.  Specifically $BAEIX. Out of all the mutual fund companies that responded to our inquiries Sterling was the worst. This insult can not go unanswered. Not only does Sterling need to be punished, they also have…


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Buying a house without a realtor in Florida

Buying a House without a Realtor in Florida

Click Here to get your forms to purchase Florida Real-Estate



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Financial Board Games



Modern Art

Mayfair Games

Remember those unknown, starving, but up-and-coming artists from the early nineties ? Lite Metal, Yoko, Christin P., Karl Glitter and Krypto? You first met them in the now-classic Reiner Knizia game Modern Art. Now, almost 20 years later, they have all found fame and fortune in the art world and their masterpieces are displayed in major galleries around the world. But even with their success, the group?s artistic…


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About Wall Street


What is Wall Street…


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Top Quant Universities According to Wall Street

Top Quant Universities, According to Wall Street

Quantitative analysts are in high demand on Wall Street as electronic trading and the use of complex algorithms to access liquidity continue to proliferate. While in the past quants often have been…


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High Frequency Trading / Algorithmic Trading

High Frequency Trading / Algorithmic Trading

"High-Frequency Trading," a controversial technique the SEC is scrutinizing in which computers can make thousands of stock trades in less than a second.…


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Top Financial Shows

 There are certainly a lot of helpful shows on television throughout the week, but there are also some that do very little for the average person like you or me. Today I'm going to take about financial shows on television that educate us about our finances and keep us entertained at the same time.…


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Movies About Wall Street


Wall Street Movie List  

Regardless of what type of movies you like, everybody enjoys plots of greed, corruption, fast lifestyles, and…


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how to buy gold bars

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Gold Investment

Regal Assets Banner

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Financial Issues Hurting the little Guy

To all the members of the Fairway Fan Club,

First I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the members of the Fan Club for the out pouring of your gifts, visits, calls, cards, letters and loving concern shown me during my recent illness and on going recovery.  My family and I cannot put into words how much it meant to us the way you rallied to me in my greatest time of need.

I would like all of you to know that the feeling of concern is mutual. I feel like the…


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The Philadelphia Chapter of Wall Street Insight Presents, "The Wells Fargo Bank Home Buyer Workshop"

The real-estate market is changing for the best.The Philadelphia Chapter of Wall Street Insight presents a series of Home Buyer Workshops hosted by Wells Fargo Bank starting today, Tuesday June 24th, 2014 10:30am-12:30pm and continuing every Tuesday all summer long. 

Evening Home Buyer Workshops are every Thursday Starting June 26,…


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The Journey Within.......

In my travels I have found that my journey taught me some valuable lessons, one is that Truth can only be experienced, and the minute a person starts to explain he done distorted it. The next thing I learned is that My Perception because my Reality and the third thing is I do know One thing that's for sure and that is I don't know Nothing.

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Joe Biden's Mixed Iran Messages

He orders a strike against Iran-backed militias but makes concessions to Tehran.

The Khashoggi Sanction

The U.S. fingers MBS for the killing and downgrades U.S.-Saudi ties.



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