Booming Big Data Industry : Data Extraction Services

Big data seems suddenly become the hottest discussion in this information age. Increasing number of business think that success is more like a data job, which also generate a new kind of service in booming big data industry: data extraction services.

What is data extraction? It seems like a abstract and mystery term but actually it isn’t like that. According to Wikipedia, Data extraction is the act or process of retrieving data out of (usually unstructured or poorly structured) data sources for further data processing or data storage (data migration).

Data extraction services include data extraction tools like Octoparse, a data extractor or other software with similar functions, data processing and management of your data. Data extraction software help users themselves grab visual data on webpages and then process into structured and easy-to-read files. Besides, data extraction services also deliver a comprehensive range of web data collection and formats according to customers’s requirements. Companies such as Octoparse Inc, Amazon web service etc are trying to offer such services to enterprises, organizations, individuals all around the world.

Data extraction is a big deal, particularly in data-intensive industries, such as e-commerce, finance, healthcare, marketing and etc. Most businesses recognize that their value is owning the end users and the end users’ data. To gather competitors’ product information for price comparison, customers’ review so that you can arrange promotional campaigns or adjust marketing strategies, all these analytic workloads require data extraction to gather large amount of data for analysis use.

Big data is no longer a buzzword. It’s a main stream. Well, big data is supposed to be big, which means huge amount of data is urgently needed. Data extraction services belong to the most crucial part of booming big data industry. They will be the less-time consuming, effective ways to collect information in a very short time.

(I want to share with you a good article that might help you better grab automotive data for your business. The article below is reprinted from

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