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EverBank® continues to thrive in today's volatile market, with its current assets totaling $15 billion and its current deposits totaling over $10 billion. EverBank® offers products such as high yield checking and money market accounts, as well as foreign currency CDs and savings accounts. EverBank offers a broad selection of banking, lending and investing products online and at its 14 Florida-based financial centers. EverBank has earned a 4-star rating from BauerFinancial.

Company Overview

EverBank is creating a new way of banking by delivering to customers around the country a unique range of banking, lending and investing opportunities. Never one to settle for banking as usual, we've always worked hard to bring something better to the table for our customers. This approach has served us and them well through the years.

Our diverse and innovative product line inspires customers to consider long-term financial strategies to achieve their goals. From award-winning banking products to sophisticated, unique investing opportunities via currency and precious metals products, we're always seeking new ways to offer value to our customers. It's an effective approach that generates deep customer relationships.

The results? EverBank is a remarkable story of growth, stability & innovation.

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Comment by Stephen Pettiway on June 2, 2014 at 7:43pm

With this type of banking not only are the interest rates alright, but with Internet Banking, Customer Service Personalized and Asset backed with Reale Estate investments. That says a lot to me about this bank it seems to believe in the value of neighborhoods etc. My question is  Wall Street Insight co signing for this bank and is this a bank we should be supporting?

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