I have been getting the alerts from the Supra Vantage for the last couple of years now. They seem to stay hot. There does not seem to be any end in sight to the hot signals. They really have supreme staying power. I am now tallying up their 2014 results.

By my count they posted 40 wins and 4 losses. Talk about champion ship numbers. In fairness they had 12 positions that were still undecided at the end of 2014 . But the way I see it, even if 6 of the 12 undecided positions ultimately turn out to be losses, they would still be at 82% accuracy. I do not know of any of the so called Wall Street big dogs that can put up those type numbers. You got to remember  going back to to 2012 these guys were on on a 17-0 run. It is incredible. They ultimately  had  18 winning alerts in a consecutive string during 2012 before they took a loss on CSTR.  They finally had 45 wins and 5 losses in 2012.  In 2013 they had 33 wins and 2 losses. They claim they have been putting numbers like this as far back as 2009. Back then the regulators came a calling. I did not see that gun fight, but from what I hear they actually put up 15 wins and 1 loss in front of the regulators. These guys are the real cowboys of the stock market.

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17 and 0 is nothing, if not for the developer calling an early panicked exit to CSTR they would have been 21 and 0. As the chief technical analyst for the supravantage i begged and pleaded with him not to bounce but i think with the run we were having he just knid of threw up his hands and capitulated because, hell even 20 with 1 loss is amazing right????

Wrong! I do nothing but pour over the charts everyday and collaborate with the developer on our entry and exit points and i'll say this maybe 1 out every 200-300 trades do we disagree on and even then both of us end up being correct it's just a matter of how you take advantage of the volatility.

But CSTR is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of human error which is one of the pitfalls we talk about repeatedly and will continue to speak about because when we get an alert it's bankable, when we the people pull the trigger and go against the SupraVantage we get hurt a lot more often than not.

I know we also want to be in and out quickly on 95% of our trades because frankly we get so much information to disseminate that we don't really have the time to care that much about yesterdays or last weeks lists BUT as a subscriber or potential subscriber you are all in the unique position to pay closer attention to the alerts we send you and maybe discover something about our system and our alerts that may fly right past us just because of the sheer volume of information we generate on a day to day basis.

Had you been in this trade the right thing to do would have been to average down the morning after the earnings alert and you would have been golden. GOLDEN!!

This is why personally I always leave money on the side to reload if our timing is off to a certain degree but as you can see when the SupraVantage system generates an alert to ignore the direction because it didn't go straight up or down the second after you bought it, well, you can see the results.

We generated the CSTR alert in the $53 range, it traded as low as $47.40 and as of this mornings post it is now $54.34, past our original exit, and traded as high as $55.75.....so I ask you when we give you an alert and some hiccup occurs will you be one of the ones who throws up their arms and screams UNCLE or will you see the value in the gift that has been placed before you.???

PATIENCE IS KEY when using our alert system, a lot more often than not we are in and out within a few days, sometimes if something has real momentum or a catalyst in front of it we may stay awhile longer, either way even the developer who brought us this, lets call it what it is, absolutely incredible alert system can fall victim to the same pitfalls we cover in our classroom presentations which I don't just encourage you to listen to but I INSIST upon it because the SupraVantage is a tool, the classroom presentations are the instruction manual and without taking advantage of the info we put out there you might as well be trying to screw in a bolt using a hammer. Mr. Developer!

Follow your own instructions and protocols we've been working on these past few years and BE PATIENT!!!!!! And subscribers and potential subscribers I HIGHLY suggest you do the same, if not you will be chasing your tails and banging you heads against the wall for no reason.

I live eat breathe and sleep charts, I go to sleep with flashes of every single one I've looked at through the day going 200mph in my head as I drift into lala land and believe me when i tell you we are on top of the game and when i know we are wrong we are WRONG and i will be the first to shout fire in a crowded theatre only because for any loss we take we can make it up through other alerts, it's nothing we haven't experienced in the past, but for the record i told the developer to hold his ground and he ran.....c'est la vie...just remember when we get a directional call the timing doesn't always equate to the second you buy you are good to go the timing just means it is in play and volatility, up or down, is rearing it's head....just don't fight the SV on direction, YOU WILL LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is vantagecta signing off for now, happy hunting......................

This Idea about a performance clinic for crappy money managers is absolutely needed and it is a super idea.

Keep it the good work.

Pastor Charles

Lately you guys have been giving general index alerts on the market. The timing of the alerts have been dead on.  This is a big step up. You all already seem to have a good handle on single stocks, but to also call big moves on the Dow and S&P is powerful. I do not know how you guys come up with this stuff. I can only say keep up the good work.

We fell down with CSTR (Coinstar). This is the one that ended the VTC hot streak. Fear got the best of us. 
I  will not make any excuses. We were able to go 18 and 0 before we fell off the wagon. I am ashamed of myself. I always take losses personal.

FYI: We are still in the game however. We are 2 wins out of our last 2 attempts on the VTC subscription scorecard.  So we are now 20 wins out of our lsat 21 attempts for the VTC beta users.

We will keep trying to improve.

The Developer

With CSTR hanging ugly over our heads right now it makes me wonder why. This isn't our first dance with CSTR back in Feb. of 2012 we got an alert to go long right before the earnings and if you bought right before the close you may have felt like a dummy for maybe the last 4 hours that consisit of the after hours trading action.
The very next morning it gapped up to $60.84 and our original entry point was below $50 and it eventually peaked at $72 during the summer....and i bring this up for good reason and that reason is STZ...different industry and animal I'm very well aware but I don't get how we could've been so right on STZ and get skunked by CSTR again. now heres the read on STZ from 6/25/2012 to 1/9/2013 which is the last alert that i found we generated on STZ......
6/25/12 - long - target 22.40 - 7/2/12 hit a high of 28.97
10/3/12 - long - target 35 - 10/5/12 hit a high of 36.50
10/4/12 - long - target 36.90 - 10/17/12 hit high of 36.98
11/13/12 - short - target 33.55 - 11/15/12 hit low of 33.46
1/9/13 - short - target 34.50 - 1/14/13 hit low of 34.46
....each time we were dead right and even if you stripped out all the alerts and just went long on our initial recommendation you would be looking at a double in about 7 months so i ask you what are we doing wrong with CSTR?
We need to pay much closer attention to the over reactors especially during earnings season because CSTR is a perfect example of keeping some powder dry and hoping you first entry was wrong so you have the opportunity to buy more, or at the very least giving some kind of caveat when entering the trade.
I know this isn't our first dance with volatility but for some reason or another we keep stubbing our toes on this one and I brought it up with STZ as a comparison partly because STZ was in the news this morning but also because it's a perfect example of us needing to find a way to tweak expectations or entries and exits on volatile paper like CSTR. And even looking back to the 1st to 2nd quarter run in CSTR last year from $50 to $72 in a matter of 5-6 months is nothing short of spectacular but we need not let ourselves fall victim to volatility we should be taking advantage of.
Even with STZ if you didn't want to get short those couple of times and just wanted to buy the pull backs because the trend was beautiful and in the bulls favor the return was stellar, same with CSTR. I think we need to really pay more attention to the battleground stocks because CSTR and NFLX will be kicking each other in the face repeatedly year over year going forward and neither one is going the way of the dinosaur anytime soon....

These guys were on an 18 an 0 run. WOW!!!! That is un heard of.  If I could do that type of thing I would be on the beach in Maui living off the royalties from selling my system. But these guys made  a mistake and now the way they are talking you would think they just sank the navy in the bay. Talk about dedication to the game. These guys are clearly on another level.


I have just accepted it. Those Vantage guys are real cowboys. I have watched them put up serious numbers for a while now. The 18 wins w/o a loss does not surprise me at all coming from them. I know all the old gunslinger that got shot down  back  in the day would have lived a lot longer if they could rack up numbers like the Vantage crew........

This Supra Vantage never stops. We got an alert around 3:45pm on 5/13/2013 on SNE to get long. The next day it explodes, the stock was all over the news all day, tit also made the top 20  list on the big board movers of the day. I have never seen such a thing from any one else but this developer. This same thing happen when we got an alert on EXPR around the end of 2012.  It also exploded. I am with out words. The Developer is a real sharp shooter.

I have been studying the rules on insider trading and looked at some of the things the Supra Vantage is doing in the market.

How is it that no one is knocking at  their door. The things I am seeing just cannot be done without some sort of advantage. What gives does anyone have an answer.

FYI the regulators came knocking a while back.  From what I know everything was A. OK.  All was in compliance with the machine they use.  No insider trading was found. They went 15 wins out 16 attempts for the regulator demonstration.  

15 out 16 in front of the regulators is freaking incredible.  It is no way they could do something like that under that much pressures unless they were real.  I have been running with the vantage out fit for minute.  Take it from me. They do what they do.

I finally see the whole picture. The Supra Vantage will help the failing money managers perform better while we at Wall Street Insight will give them some law they need to follow. This is a great way to trickle down benefits to everyone that has money in those funds. My compliments to who ever came up with the idea. Genus!!!!

You are seeing what I saw years back. Those Vantage guys are the real mc coy. I can tell you some stories just like the ones you all are talking about on this message board now. They are always on a hot streak from what I can see.


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